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While you’re always welcome to call or visit our office, the contact form below is a convenient alternative. Whether you have questions or concerns, or you’re ready to get started, simply send a message to reach out!

About Us

Because we’re dedicated to making you feel at home while renting with us, we provide office hours six days a week. This step allows you to get in contact with our self storage professionals after work or on the weekend!

Whether you live in Nahunta, Hoboken, Waynesville, or any of the surrounding communities, we’re here to serve you! Let us help you determine the proper unit size for your needs, as well as the specific amenities that best suit your belongings.

AC Storage – Hickox
7671 Caney Bay Road
Nahunta, GA 31553

AC Storage – Hoboken
3727 High Bluff Rock Road
Hoboken, GA 31542

AC Storage – Waynesville
539 Tyson Road
Waynesville, GA 31566
AC Storage - Waycross-Kings 4048 Memorial Dr Waycross, GA 31503 912.372.5710